What’s the De-LAB?

About De-LAB

De-Lab is a group of international professionals whose different technical expertises are required to develop applied research projects, consultancies and initiatives in the field of Inclusive Business, Social Innovation and Ethical Business Communication.

De-LAB was funded by Lucia Dal Negro and Irene Tomasoni in Novembr 2013, aiming at working for the profit sector. On May 2018 it became a Benefit Corporation.

Our consultancies, projects, field studies have a national or international reach and aim at experimenting new forms of business and new models of Total Societal Impact.


Our key-feature is to represet an intermediary actor between not-for-profit entities, Public Institutions and companies, able to facilitate and coordinate different approaches and operations, aligning results towards Inclusive Innovation principles, Accountability and Brand Reputation.

Our academic background provides scientific rigour to our models, whereas our profit identity gives us pragmatism and efficiency. Lastly, our national and international network makes us perfectly updated about what is done elsewhere, thanks to relationships and partnerships that are available for our customers.

Tools & Goals

Our services range from managerial consultancies, applied research and project’s design and development, the latter customized according to our clients’ needs and identity. We work, hence, to link the most innovative aspects of social & environmental responsibility to business-driven needs expressed by our customers.

What people said about De-LAB

The collaboration with De-LAB has been a pleasant surprise: their support for a project on sustainability and social innovation became something bigger. With their help our Institute reviewed its mission, values and the motivation that has driven for the last 30 years. This was an opportunity we could not miss.
IVSI – MIlano
I’ve seen many professional teams but as organized as De-LAB’s one, very rarely.
Elena Dominique Midolo – CEO ClioMakeUp
De-LAB’s training for our community welfare project made the difference due to its pragmatic approach, real-life experiences and exercises shared with the class during every lesson.
Chiara Bebber, Consorzio Sol.co – Verona
Working with De-LAB has ben enlightening because their understanding of the Third-Sector is not money-driven, yet, value-driven. It was stimulating because the key to get to a good communication strategy was to rely on their first-hand experience in social activities; It was insightful because smart ideas make hard things very simple… and it was funny because it was a pleasure to speak with someone who knows your language.
Andrea Cervi – Abbracciamoli ONLUS
Working with De-LAB has been fruitful and exciting, making it possible to apply Responsible Research and Innovation topics to different types of firms. To practice innovation is needed a close attention on responsibility issues: on that, De-LAB’s expertise is a crucial tool for SMEs.

Lucia dal Negro

Project Development
& Research

Amelie Franchin


Irene Tomasoni

Sustainability Communication
and Training

Elisabetta Pesenti

and Facilitation

Sara Tortorella

Social Urban Planning
and Urban Regeneration

Yasmin Madjitey

& Stakeholder Engagement

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send an email to info@delab.it!

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