boston 2 g 034Inclusive Business

Bespoke research

We collect international and national case studies to showcase best practices. We carry out target-driven publications and we develop Inclusive Business studies focusing on specific industrial sectors, or given geographical areas

Consultancies for companies willing to apply Inclusive Business models

We develop and implement field studies to verify the feasibility of Inclusive Business initiatives. We carry out need analysis to understand where to channel market-driven solutions for poverty alleviation

Stakeholders engagement

We activate processes to engage beneficiaries within their own communities. We enable connections among different actors so to strengthen entrepreneurial partnerships

Design thinking

We support the company and all the involved co-partners in defining a concerted plan of action. We consider firm’s expectations, we guide the needs and we find the most effective solutions to respond to the needs of underserved communities in an innovative way, ultimately enhancing growth opportunities

Impact assessment and accountability

We consider social, environmental and economic impacts of what the company already implemented or is planning to implement. Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts are considered within their context of implementation and are evaluated according to impact metrics endorsed and recognized at international level


Design 4 Development is a co-creation & co-designing method applied to conceive products and services responding to the needs of low-income consumers in emerging markets. To do so, De-LAB works side by side with our clients and a network of architects, designers and engineers to develop scalable solutions ensuring access to strategic goods in low-income communities.

Training courses on Inclusive Business topics

We develop training modules to disseminate concepts and practices of Inclusive Business, according to the specificities of our public (students, entrepreneurs, public entities). Our training courses are always characterized by moments of interaction (mock interventions on specific case studies and scenarios, Metaplan technique etc)


As official Italian member of the Global BOP Learning Lab Network, De-LAB is in touch with the most prominent experts and practitioners in the Inclusive Business domain

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Development of Inclusive Ecosystems

We apply LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to help the design of inclusive ecosystems for engaging profit and non-profit actors in development issues.

boston 2 g 045Social Innovation


We develop social and sustainability reports to track and disseminate social and environmental initiatives undertaken by companies

Development of Social and socio-economic indicators

We develop and apply social and socio-economic indicators for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects or as components of certifications of integrated sustainability

Participatory techniques for project development

We adopt participatory techniques for project design phases, such as Open Space Technology or focus group, involving different key actors.

Training and engagement

We offer training courses on Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Innovation and socially-oriented communication. We adopt participatory techniques such as focus group, Open Space Technology and Metaplan.

CSR projects

We develop and strengthen CSR projects developing communication tools, brand positioning and Social Innovation services

Corporate Welfare

Corporate welfare is a way for improving employees’ performances ensuring them a series of additional social benefits that increase their well-being and, consequently, their productivity and motivation at work.
De-LAB can design such activities, monitor their implementation, assess their effectiveness and promote them.

Social Impact measurement

We apply Social Impact metrics to evaluate social impacts of CSR initiatives supported by the profit sector

Corporate Volunteerism

Corporate volunteering is a way for companies to encourage the direct engagement of their employees in volunteering activities serving the needs of the local community. Such activities have to be carried out during people’s working hours. De-LAB can design such initiatives, monitor their implementation, assess their effectiveness and promote them.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Co-Creation

With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology we facilitate the design of ideas, services and models tackling social needs more innovatively and efficiently than before.

Pitivi_iconEthical business communication

Inclusive videos and tutorials

Communicating company’s products, services and/or story, as well as their practical application, in an inclusive way.

Social storytelling and storydoing (infographic, reports, engagement of web-communities, social media contents,videos)

Creating and developing clear and effective communication contents that shows the efforts undertaken by the company in the socio-environmental field.

Participative workshops

Engaging the most relevant stakeholders (human resources, clients, local administrations, ecc.) in an interactive and participatory way.

Mapping and activation of local networks

Sharing projects with local communities in which the company operates and obtain critical information relative to socio-environmental impacts.

Stakeholders engagement

Developing effective mechanisms of internal-external participation and support to inform all the company’s referenced agents about the socio-environmental initiatives undertaken.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for sharing your purpose-driven vision

Thanks to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we develop strategies for stakeholders’ engagement and purpose communication on behalf of private companies prioritizing social impacts and shared value.
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