Fondazione Giannino Bassetti

Fondazione Giannino Bassetti came to life in Milan in 1994, and became a Foundation of Participation in 2016.
In coherence with the values expressed by the Bassetti family, the Foundation’s aim is to promote responsibility in innovation within both the national and international environment, helping institutional, private and civil society actors orienting their aims and goals, considering their crucial role for the entire society and both in the techno-scientific field and societal models.

The Foundation of Participation aims to contribute to making all of the different actors that participate in innovation decisions aware of the consequences and responsibilities that their roles entail; to support the relationship between civil society and its institutions, developing tools for the spread of responsibility in the techno-sciences, life sciences, bioethics, finance and business; to participate in international projects and consortium, contributing to the evolution and development of the definitions given to responsibility and innovation by the European Union; to collaborate with public entities in the promotion of governance projects that lie within the specific competences of the Foundation and its collaborators, participating within organizations that operate in similar fields and designing project partnerships in collaboration with other entities tied to public administrations.

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