Social Innovation – Answering societal needs with innovative models

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Being Socially Innovative for us means to be at the forefront of Social Project Development in Italy.

De-LAB pools different expertises implementing projects which contribute to advance the state of the art of social and environmental sustainability. Consistent with that, we map, trace and analyze the socio-environmental effects that our projects have in each and every context of their implementation.

We address our services to firms, foundations or the academia: we develop projects in the field of social communication, applied research or social campaigning and we design them in partnership with our stakeholders.

Such a participatory approach is fundamental for De-LAB. Our proposals are customized and developed together with our stakeholders: we adopt a bottom up approach, making use of different stakeholder involvement techniques according to specific purposes, topics and targets.

In the Social Innovation domain, De-LAB ideas point at creating a network among the key-actors of a specific context, involving them thoroughly during the project design and implementation.

Our projects are equally characterized by the recourse to practical insights and theoretical assumptions, the latter being tested in real-life conditions. To do that, we often imply the use of the new media as tools to couple recent trends in Social Innovation with their functional services.


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