Ethical Communication – Social projects have their own grammar

IMG_4254Ethical business communication can be defined as a series of action aimed at giving back the added value of social and/or environamental intiatives promoted by companies.

Notwithstanding the high value in terms of business returns and social impacts of their projects, often companies are unable to effectively communicate their socially-oriented initiatives to their stakeholders.

Elaborating a precise strategy aimed at boosting the socio-environmental impacts, tailored to the diverse nature of companies’ stakeholders, allows to unlock the social and business returns that such projects have on their promoters, namely companies and private actors.

These effects actually enhance companies’ productivity, reputation, funding opportunities, ultimately differentiating them from other national and international competitors.

De-Lab partners up with the promoting company to formulate the right strategy by using innovative solutions (inclusive tutorials, social storytelling, etc.) applied to tools and media necessary to maximize the positive returns.

Our services translate complex social and/or environmental information in a clear and transparent message for customers, networks and partners involved or interested in evaluating the social performance of the company as an additional source of added value.

In order to do that, De-LAB supports companies with project design, monitoring and ex-post evaluation services of business ethical communication activities.


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