De-LAB for Ferrara University: Frugal summer 2020!

Frugal Innovation leads to developing business models that are circular, shared and inclusive, allowing to overcome external shocks and deep transformations in consumptions patterns and production models. Currently, it is key that firms and institutions could respond to change and scarcity doing innovation:  frugal approaches are a never ending source of policies and solutions for doing better with less.

For this reason Ferrara University (via SEEDS) will support the Program “Frugal Summer 2020” created and conducted by Dr. Lucia Dal Negro, consultant and project manager in the field of Inclusive Business and Frugal Innovation, aiming at raising the awareness about frugal innovation and connecting firms with public administrations in order to activate practical ways to implement Frugal Innovations in Emilia Romagna Region.


  • Designing frugal innovation ecosystem: targeting public institutions (22 June 2020, from 17 to 18); Guest: Prof. Leonardo Previ – TrivioQuadrivio.
  • Thinking on scarcity as a way to grow: targeting students and Academia (15 July 2020, from 17 to 18). Guest: TBC
  • Frugal Innovation Applications: targeting firms (15 September 2020, from 17 to 18). Guest: INNOVHUB – Camera di Commercio di Milano.


La partecipazione ai webinar è possibile previa iscrizione a questo link:

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