De-LAB is a certified BCorp™!!!!!

“Benefit corporations have a dual purpose and will result better than all the other companies”.
Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize Winner for Economics

Do you know the difference between a “traditional society” and a Benefit Society? And between a Benefit Company and a BCorp?

Here is the answer: while traditional companies exist with the sole purpose of distributing dividends to shareholders, Società Benefit are private companies that have changed their funding charter in order to formalize their commitment to generate profit and, at the same time, positive social and environmental impacts for the society in which they operate. In addition, some of them may choose to certify their commitment doing the BCorp’s assessment, which assesses the efforts they have made to use business as a force for good.
The “Società Benefit” juridical form and the BCorp certification, therefore, are the expression of a more evolved entrepreneurial paradigm, since they integrate social and environmental goals within business ends.

How does one become a Benefit Company and how does one obtain B Corp certification?

– To become a Benefit Company you need to change the company charter and specify how and with what tools the company produces profits in an ethical and sustainable way. The commitment then requires the filing of an Impact Report specifying the projects and initiatives that have followed up the by-laws.
– To become a certified BCorp™, you must achieve a minimum score of 80 points in the B-Impact Assessment, free of charge and online. Subsequently, the US non-profit organisation B Lab evaluates companies applying for certification, checking the statements made and documents uploaded three times: a cross-check on various organisational and ethical aspects of the company, ranging from personnel management to the company’s impact on the environment and society. Once the certification has been obtained, the company has 3 years to transform itself into a Società Benefit, otherwise the certification lapses.
The standards required to obtain certification are very high and demanding, which is why less than 5% of candidate companies pass the B Lab audit.

In our case, after a long series of audits, which began in April 2020 and ended a few weeks ago, we are proud to be among the few companies that have obtained certification, and among the very few that are also Società Benefit!
The path has certainly not been easy, above all because of the period in which we live, which has prevented the continuation of some of our projects – such as KOKONO™ – which would have allowed us to obtain higher scores due to some particularly innovative project-design features. Having said that, we did not give up and decided to overcome the temporary difficulties and continue our certification process.

Becoming BCorp is nothing more than a beginning: the dynamic nature of certification – and above all of our identity – is a push to always do our best to grow, responsibly!


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