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bop global network

De-LAB is part of the BoP Global Network, which is a vibrant community of academics and practitioners in 18 countries that engage in knowledge creation and dissemination about the theory and practice of creating sustainable businesses at the base of the economic pyramid.

The BoP Global Network seeks to develop and implement win-win solutions that open new opportunities for business value creation while simultaneously expanding the development of the world’s poorest people and communities.

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Members of the BoP Learning Lab Global Network believe that:

  • BoP enterprise development has the potential to create great societal value and should be pursued in a way that enhances community capacity;
  • Action research is a key vehicle for stimulating this new field of work;
  • Collaboration between companies, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders creates beneficial learning for all;
  • Innovation is essential for driving economic growth in the BoP; and
  • Local community members are capable partners and resources for technology and business development.

Representing the Italian focal-point within the BoP Global Network, De-LAB participated in the first BoP Global Network Summit  in Brazil, 7-10 November 2013. We networked with entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, network organizations, as well as those interested in participating in the global dialogue on inclusive and sustainable business models.

BoP Lab leaders

BoP Lab leaders

The Summit hosted Keynote Speakers such as Stuart L. Hart, Cornell University;  Ted London, University of Michigan; Sagun Saxena, from CleanStar Ventures.  It presented “Living Cases” of BoP initiatives implemented by different BoP Learning Labs, enterprises and corporate partners at a global level.

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