De-LAB for HiAcademy campaign: what can originate from the emergency?

The campaign “What emerges from emergency”, conducted by HiAcademy, has just come to an end. De-LAB, together with other experts and professionals, was engaged in order to consider 4 crucial questions:

• what would you like to be restored exactly as before the Covid crisis?

• among the many things that Covid changed, what would you like to see completely disappeared?

• what would you like to see in abundance, which was previously scarce?

• do you think that in the upcoming months it will be better to plan or to improvise?

Goal of the campaign was to develop a framework able to describe the working conditions immediately after Covid.

Many inputs looked at reconsidering the importance of time as a human variable, together with digital tools accessibility, sustainability in local and global markets.

Foods for thoughts in a time with few certainties and many open questions, which De-LAB is not scared to collect, process and refer to new projects.

Thanks to HiAcademy for engaging De-LAB in such an interesting participative campaign.



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