Great meeting yesterday at La Dogana di Milano to discuss about innovation and development in Africa.

Interesting and practical interventions were presented during the two-hours event focussed on entrepreneurship in Africa, co-development, diaspora, and digital transformation in developing countries. Different actors, agreeing on presenting a new view of Africa, far from the idea of a despairing continent, suggested many ways to overcome stereotypes and mainstream assistance approaches.

In De-LAB we share the same new perspective and we implement projects that are co-created with local people because we think that we need to collaborate instead of helping, and sharing instead of assisting.

It’s been a real pleasure to find other people and professionals (Francesca Oliva, Gianluca Dettori, Andrea Censoni e Modo Gueye) aligned on the same page, looking at a new entrepreneurial vision and at a new way to do development and cooperation in Africa, both for profit or not-for-profit.

Good luck to us all!

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